About Us: Creating a skin community

Specialist Dermatologist - Durban Skin Doctor


Set in Durban, Ethekwini Hospital & Heart with easy access to both N2, N3 and major main roads.
Our practice focuses on creating a community that understands that the skin is an integral part of the human body. Understanding the skin and its microbiome is a new way of thinking now, linking the skin to the environment, diet, the gut system, psychology, the nerves and the brain. These are factors that we have known for a while but the new wave of integrated medicine is now forcing us to relook at the way we are communicating with our environment and to address diseases in a culturally sensitive and environmental friendly manner.

From Eczema to Psoriasis, hairloss and skin infections to Autoimmune Diseases, our practice focuses on getting to the root of things but also on understanding who we are and our genetic inheritance.
We believe in creating skin health solutions that are affordable and sustainable. Through collaborative research and innovations, we strive to provide the latest in technology tools and to deliver globally acceptable standards of skin care.

Our Mission is:

  • To make dermatology service accessible to all, regardless of skin type, life experiences and social influence
  • To provide holistic skin care rooted in science, safety, evidence based medicine and solutionist thinking inspired by compassion and humanity.
  • To create an environment that promotes a constant flow of knowledge, understanding of skin conditions. Knowledge that empowers you to make safe and healthy skin care choices. We believe that knowledge heals and treatment.
  • To restore self- confidence and an appreciation of the inherent properties of the skin you in. The dynamic behaviours of the different skin tones and how this is working for YOU!

Our Motto

Dr Nokubonga Khoza “helping you face the day with confidence” and “we aim to teach and treat” is engraved in all our consultations and patient interactions.

Our staff are friendly, polite, well-groomed and are always willing to help and guide you along the way. Whether its about hair, nail, skin or skin care products. Each staff member is trained by Dr Khoza on skin care, dermatology treatments and how to triage patients.
We hope to provide you with an experience that lives you feeling whole, human and inspired. Because that is what a family with a home living in a community does.
We look forward to having you as a member of our skin community.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Dr Khoza’s Passion

Dr  Khoza, finds satisfaction and a sense of pride servicing the Durban community. She gives off her time freely educating the public on the commonest skin conditions seen within the community and how to address these. She believes knowledge is power and is key in making safe and healthy choices when it comes to skin health Khoza is frequently sought-after as a skincare and beauty expert, regularly contributing to major media outlets and consulting for several blue-chip companies.


She has been featured in Ilanga Newspaper, Isolezwe, Get-IT Magazine, New Age.

A regular voice and skin talk co-host in Vuma FM, Gagasi FM, UKhoziFM, Metro FM, SAFM, InandaFM, SABC2 – Bonitas Show.


Dr Khoza strongly believes in a culturally sensitive approach when treating skin problems. Her commitment to voluntary work, education, empowerment, communication and kindness has shaped her holistic approach to skin care.