Skincare Trends in 2019

Beautiful-looking skin is always in style – we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our skin’s health and aesthetic appeal. Each year introduces new skincare trends, with innovative product formulas and alternative ingredients. And these new skin concoctions are usually worth a try, depending on your skin type and condition. After all, the latest means the greatest, right?

Hot and happening skincare trends

So what’s trending on the skincare front this year? In a word (or two) – holistic health! And not only for your face – we’re not just talking about fancy facial products here. Let’s take a closer look at skincare trends in 2019, and see where it’s headed in the future. 

CBD oil and Cannabis-infused skincare products

The legalisation of cannabis has brought about a rise in cannabis-infused skincare products, and health products in general. People associate cannabis with reduced stress and anxiety, and with its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, skincare products containing extracts of it are becoming popular. Have you considered trying a product like this on your skin?

Dermatologist-strength skincare

Medical-grade, dermatologist-approved skincare products are trending this year. People want their store-bought creams and washes to achieve the same effect on their skin as professional procedures. So this means skincare products with medical backing are likely to fly off the shelves in 2019. But before you head to the store, view the skincare ranges Dr Noks has approved here. In this day and age, it’s important to have a dermatologist to advise you on products that will work for your skin. 

Whole-body skincare

In 2019, there has been a shift towards whole-body beauty – so not just skincare that focuses on the face. Advanced skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and AHAs are being added to body creams, and salons are including more body-specific treatments. This holistic approach to skincare aims to achieve healthy and beautiful skin, from head to toe. 

Liquid exfoliators

Acid-based liquid exfoliators are becoming more and more popular. And why not love them? They are gentler than granular exfoliators, and have anti-ageing benefits! Interested in trying one? Dr Noks recommends gentle exfoliating washes – discover her preferred products in your next consultation.  

Plastic-free, waterless beauty and sustainability

Did you know that sustainability is trending? It’s 2019, people! Of course it is. When it comes to skincare, products that have eco-friendly packaging and sustainably-sourced ingredients are the way to go. Water-less beauty products and cosmetics that require little water to use are also on the rise – keep a lookout for dry sheet masks and powdered products over the next few years. 

Are you up to date with the latest skincare trends? 

Skincare trends in 2019 reflect that cosmetic skincare is no longer just about beauty, but about health and sustainability. So let’s work together this year to make ourselves, and our world more beautiful. Keen to get on board? Choose new skincare products from some of 2019’s best ranges with assistance from Dr Noks. And if you would like to receive a skin assessment, book your dermatological consultation here