Skin Camouflage (cover up makeup): Masking medical conditions

Providing practical solutions and options to my patients is just as important as giving them a script or treatment plan. While most conditions can be cured, some, are devastating and simply have no cure. Even with treatment, it can take up to eight weeks to see noticeable results from treatments for acne, pigmentation and even longer periods in patients with hair loss and vitiligo. Camouflaging technologies provide some relief to the visual aspects of these conditions. There are a number of cover up makeup options, known as skin camouflage, to mask the visual symptoms with unparalleled accuracy.

cover up makeup

What is cover up makeup?

Skin camouflage, also called cover up makeup, is a range of cosmetic products. They’re lotions which contain high concentrations of pigment. Once applied, the product adheres to the skin regardless of your daily activities. It withstands swimming, sweating, rubbing your skin, and it’s great for important events like weddings. It helps those who have skin discolouration to live a normal and happy life.

Skin camouflage (cover up makeup) is very different from ordinary cosmetic products. They don’t hide scars and irregularities by smudging over them, they mimic your natural skin tone. This makes scars and discoloured areas, uneven skin tones, pigmentary problems, scars, stretch marks, spider veins, leg scars, hair loss, and tattoos disappear almost completely invisible. The treatment is not available for all skin conditions and will not cure or treat the disease it is hiding.

The products are easy to apply, requiring only a few minutes in the morning. Over time, it becomes a habit that’s part of your routine, much like brushing your teeth. The product is also easy to remove. It’s washed off using a special soap or prescribed cleansing lotions. This gives you the opportunity to apply any topical medications and evaluate how your condition is doing before applying a new layer.

How to choose the right product for your skin

Skin camouflage, or cover up makeup, comes in a wide variety of shades to match most skin tones. To select the correct one requires a professional eye – and training. To make sure the product you purchase is the correct shade for your skin, it’s important to see a dermatologist for assistance. If your precise skin tone does not exist in a prepackaged product, we can mix one for you. We can combine two or three shades until we create the perfect match.

The products are made to consider every person living in every climate and condition. Some skin camouflage treatments are better suited to humid conditions while others are made to cover a large surface area with ease. Some are made to provide thicker coverage. This is another reason it’s important for Dr. Khoza to help you choose the correct product, as all these factors come into play.

Cover up makeup for specific skin conditions

Certain skin conditions affect the appearance of the skin. It can make it look darker, lighter or red. Vitiligo is one such condition, it enjoys great results from cover up makeup treatments. Burn marks (that have healed), scars, leg scars, spider veins, tattoos, and stretch marks show a great response.
If you have one of the following conditions, cover up makeup is not suitable:

  • Fungal infections, like ringworm and impetigo
  • Skin cancer
  • Viral illnesses like cold sores
  • Contagious diseases like measles and chickenpox
  • Any broken skin or infection is also not suitable.

Camouflage and cover up makeup for hair

There are products available to mask early and intermediate hair loss. As with skin camouflage, the hair camouflage comes in a wide variety of types. They all hide the scalp by darkening it to match your hair colour. Some of them use microfibres to mimic hair, applied as a spray. Others may adhere to the actual hair, thickening it and encouraging it to stand upright to give the illusion of thicker and more lustrous hair. One product, which hides the scalp, can even recreate the hairline. It’s all about the finding the product that resonates best with your needs.

Medical camouflage ranges available at our practice:

  1. Coverderm
  2. Lycogel breathable make-up
  3. Heliocare compact
  4. Zanderm (available on order)
  5. Toppik: Hair camouflage (available on order after test dose)

Taking that first step to confidence

Despite a condition which affects your skin or hair, you can still live a happy and fulfilled life as a beautiful individual. The camouflage products counter the way some of these conditions can affect self-confidence. While they may bring relief, the camouflage treatments do not remedy the condition in any way, they disguise it.

If you are ready to live your life with boldness, book a consultation with Dr. Khoza. During your appointment, we will evaluate your condition. If you are a suitable candidate, we will mix you the perfect camouflage product for your needs. Get in touch with us here.