Medical Dermatology


Medical Dermatology

Dermatologist are physicians that are trained in the medical, surgical and cosmetic care of the skin. They treat patients of any age, the young and the very old. Dermatology is a comprehensive medical science that encompasses everything from routine skin checks to diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions of the skin. Dr Khoza, is a highly skilled dermatologist and takes a comprehensive approach to treat a wide spectrum of skin conditions for all ethnic groups and of all ages

Paediatric Dermatology

Children have unique and specific skincare needs and we at the practice make sure that we meet their every need. Dr Khoza diagnoses and treat a wide spectrum of skin concerns for infants, children and teenagers. From New-born rashes, birthmarks, scalp conditions, eczema to teenage acne, it is so important that your babies or child’s skin gets medically managed by the right person so that they are not left with scars that may significantly affect them later in life. Our friendly staff in our child friendly offices are here to assist you and the special child in your life.

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Skin Conditions