Chemical Peels: The beauty of medicine

No one has perfect skin. We learn to live with our flaws and some of them even become part of the little quirks we consider friendly, making us who we are. On other occasions, however, these quirks can hamper our quality of life as a result of poor self-esteem and the time and energy devoted to fighting the problem can become overwhelming.

chemical peels

Peel the problems away

Fortunately we live in a time where many fantastic medical treatments are being developed as a result of science. Looking younger and removing unwanted imperfections finds its answer in the form of a chemical peel, a process in which exfoliation is achieved faster and more efficiently, while the skin is given the basics it needs to rebuild itself stronger and healthier than before. 


“When you have the right mix for the right patient combined with a great skin care regimen at home, chemical peels become fantastic treatments. They’re effective for many cutaneous conditions while rejuvenating the skin. It all lies in choosing the right peel and in applying the correct ingredients to the skin.”

-Dr Nokubonga Khoza


Perfect peel solutions

We provide only superficial and medium peels at our practice following a consultation and keeping in mind your skin type, skin needs, and underlying medical conditions. Thanks to the wonderful advances in dermatology like the use of lasers, the need for deep chemical peels are far reduced. We do not offer deep chemical peels because of the potential side effects, the down time, and as mentioned, there are other treatments that can offer the same benefits without the risks.

chemical peels

What benefits can a superficial and a medium peel offer you?

Anti-aging: Removing dead skin cells leaves the skin room to absorb moisture better and increasing collagen production.

Acne and acne scarring can both be alleviated with the correct chemical peel mixture.

Hereditary eye shadows can be reduced greatly with the correct application of a gentle mix.

Uneven skin tone and dark patches  caused by the sun and by hormonal changes can unfortunately not be cured or removed, but greatly helped. A mixture of sun protective products with chemical peel treatments can assist.

Superficial peel

Also known as a lunchtime peel, this treatment is quick and can be done fairly often (as advised by your doctor based on a consultation). It will penetrate only the outer layer of the skin, providing a gentle exfoliation, lifting away the dead cells. This peel will refresh the face, neck, hands, or chest. It’s a wonderful way to reduce mild skin discolourations and it smoothes rough skin. It is done using a mild acid, like alpha-hydroxy acid in combination with acne and Pigmentation treatments. At our practice, we combine our peels with medical treatments to accelerate results when we’re treating skin conditions like acne and skin pigmentation.

Medium peel

This peel will reduce freckles and some skin discolouration, fine lines, and wrinkles, while it improves age spots. It’s sometimes used to treat precancerous skin cells and smoothes rough skin. Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid is used in this peel. The results are more dramatic than a superficial peel, without the challenging recovery time that comes with a deep peel, it brings you the best of both worlds. The chemical solution used in the treatment is customized to suit each individual’s needs, stripping away old, damaged and dead skin cells.

If you’re ready for a newer, younger, revitalized you, contact us for a consultation. During your consultation we will formulate the best possible treatment solution for your needs. We are passionate about helping people feel good and look fantastic, from the inside out.

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